Invictus Australia

Previously known as Veteran Sport Australia, Invictus Australia was established as a legacy program of the successful Invictus Games hosted by Sydney in 2018. The aim of Invictus Australia is to continue - and build upon - the momentum generated by the Invictus Games through the provision of an ongoing service to the veteran community.

As the Invictus Games have demonstrated, both in Sydney and worldwide, sport and recreation are valuable allies in the journey to improve the health and wellbeing not only of veterans, but also their families.

It is the role of Invictus Australia to ensure that veterans and their families (wherever they may live) are made fully aware of the sport and recreation options available in their area, as well as connecting veterans and their families with sport, recreation activities and events (including the Invictus Games). It will also provide pathways to coaching and mentoring training, and access to financial assistance to help address barriers to participation.

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