RAEMUS Rover Off Road Racing

In the late 70's staff from the Puckapunyal Military Area formed the RAEMUS Rover team. The focus was on developing trade skills amongst active team members. We are building on that simple platform by providing a multi-layer challenge program for injured and ill veterans. We support any serving/ex-serving injured or ill members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

We are working closely with Mates4Mates, the Queensland RSL and the Soldier Recovery Centre (SRC) Brisbane, and the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation to provide not just rehabilitation but new skills that can lead into future employment outside the ADF. From spinning spanners on the race cars, managerial roles or even driver/navigator, we have the ability to employ people of any skill level.

The vehicle, the oldest known off road race car in Australia, and its crew compete in the Australian Off Road Racing series. We do short course (less than 19km) and long course (19km or more) events throughout the year. The team has grown now to consist of 3 very different vehicles all competing in the sport of Off Road Racing.

If you are an ex-serving member or an injured/ill member of the ADF or even a current serving member and our program interests you don't be afraid to contact us for more information through our Facebook page