Australian Special Air Service Association

The Australian Special Air Service Company was formed on 25 July 1957, and was based upon the concept of 22 Special Air Service originated by David Stirling in 1941 during WWII. The Company was expanded to become The Special Air Service Regiment on the 4th September 1964. From this time the Australian Special Air Service has continued to distinguish itself in many theatres of conflict and United Nations duties through to the present day.



The main aims and objectives of the Association as defined in the Constitution are to promote the well being of our members, and their families and to maintain the regiments traditions and esprit de corps.



Those entitled to join are those who are, or, have been posted on strength of the Australian Special Air Service, or who have served for more that 28 days in a Special Air Service unit. The total membership of the Association is in excess of 2500.



The Association business is conducted by the National Executive comprising of the Presidents of each state branch and a National Secretariat. The National Secretariat administers the day to day running of the Association from National headquarters at “The House” in Campbell Barracks. Each Australian State has its own branch committee which administer that states needs.


One of the more important functions of the Association is to provide advice and assistance to past and present members of the Special Air Service and/or their families in need. 

To that end there is a team of Welfare officers who will assist members in making claims for pensions and disabilities from the Department of Veterans Affairs. There are also special committees set up to investigate areas of special need.