Air Force Chaplaincy

Air Force Chaplains provide pastoral, spiritual, and religious support. We do this by:

• Providing Critical Incident Support, including mental health first aid and assisting in suicide prevention strategies

• Collaborating with a wide range of health and wellbeing professionals

• Being well versed in ADF systems and processes impacting on Command decision-making and the wellbeing of aviators and their families

• Providing insight into personnel concerns to Command, giving expression to alternate points of view and guidance

• Providing timely, accurate, and relevant advice on military matters relating to spiritual guidance, religious ministry and support, welfare, pastoral care; personal morality; ethics; culture; character formation; esprit de corps; and morale

• Delivering character formation and wellbeing education including unit briefs, ethics lessons, and deployment programs

• Building trusted partnerships through key religious leader and religious community engagement

• Facilitating RAAF Welfare Trust Fund Loans.

We provide a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space to discuss your concerns, worries, questions or anything else that is on your mind or in your heart.